Jan 29

Mechanical/Electrical Engineer Wanted

Ref: KP074-2364

We are looking for either a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer
Your role will be to support the Associate Directors by managing a design team of 25.

You will be employed to check over designs and see that they are of high quality. Your role will extend to specifying and directing the actual designs, but normally you will be overseeing their work. You will also be managing projects, meeting clients and also helping the company in gaining new work by bringing in new clients.

Role Requirements

You must have either a mechanical or electrical engineering degree and have at least four years experience in engineering consultancy with a strong design background. You must be a go-getter and a good leader, a big part of the job will be liaising with clients, experience of this must be demonstrated. Autocad and Revit knowledge is important. You must be a Chartered Engineer or about to become one.

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